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From the CEO of a Company that has been called "the most creative and powerful player on Wall Street":

"Cavas helped us to appreciate that bold thinking is not confined to a creatively gifted few. It is in fact a skill that can be acquired. Helped by his techniques for breakthrough thinking and his friend-of-the-family role over a 10-year period, our company enjoyed the steepest growth of any of our peers."

"Cavas had a definite impact on our culture - we turned around a laid-back, "white shoe" (gentlemanly, conservative) establishment into an aggressive and highly innovative one."
"He often encouraged us to come up with what he calls Big Bad Ideas. On a regular basis, we derived/modified this rule-breaking thinking into breakthroughs in business acquisition strategies - ideas for new financial vehicles that turned the conventional hierarchy on its head."

Member of top management of a Europe-based multinational electronics and big-ticket home goods company:

"We have steered the company and our Brand into significant new and powerful territory. Cavas and his techniques have helped us mobilize our Senior Management - 200 people at a time, in several continents, in assimilating this bold new Vision and making it their own."
"The process itself had highly creative elements: for instance he helped our Senior Managers in unusual ways, to develop an intellectual and emotional sensitivity to a fast growing and formidable competitor."

Member of the top management team of a multi-billion dollar food company:

"Cavas has helped my teams creatively formulate a unified game plan for our geographic site while not compromising the culture of entrepreneurship and differentiation within each of the Divisions. Cavas' insights for combining creativity, collaboration and strategy were key to success."

Founder/Entrepreneur of one of the world's top Bioscience companies (and others):

Cavas and his techniques have played a key role and caused major strategic changes during the critical stages of my ventures - which today represent a combined market cap of 18 billion dollars and employ 12 thousand people. It cannot be exaggerated as to the impact on at least 7 of my companies

CEO of one of the fastest-growing, US-based multinational service businesses:

"Cavas' techniques constituted an important competitive differentiator, in the founding and growth of our company - from $500,000 in Revenue with 15 consultants to $540,000,000 and 1,800 professionals over a period of 21 years, a compound annual growth rate of 39%.Our people were practitioners of these techniques, forging a truly collaborative relationship with our clients, and thereby achieved added market value for our offerings in Operating Excellence and Business Transformation."

CEO of an international IT-based organization that is the foremost telecommunications infrastructure for the global financial services industry:

"Cavas is instrumental in drawing out contributions from everyone while at the same time managing my tendency to dominate. He gets the balance right."
"For years now, I carry around my list of 'Cavas-isms'. They help in brainstorming, and help me distinguish when I want to be "CEO" and when I want to be "just one of the team." You won't believe how valuable these processes are in making us more effective." "I've worked with Cavas for over 10 years now, and he is still the best strategic facilitator I know".

Top Marketing and General Management Executive:

"Cavas proved to be a significant catalyst for thinking and progressing the agenda of the company. I have worked with Cavas over the past twenty five years in many different capacities:

  • As the General Manager of a multi- billion dollar division of a major FMCG company -as we developed a growth strategy that moved the business from one that consumed value to one that grew volume, share and economic value steadily for a decade;
  • As the Chief Marketing Officer of a global consumer goods company -as we created a new doctrine for marketing and a blue print for creating more valuable growth from brands in diverse markets throughout the world."

Senior Vice President of a global Consumer Products company:

"For a company that was extremely insular and had historically focused its organic development on close-to-home businesses, Cavas helped to create an understanding of their core capabilities and helped to get senior management aligned around a re-direction to adjacent businesses where their capabilities traveled."
"A marketing-driven solution was developed for a global Brand in free-fall for years."
"A new technology approach was developed, drawing from three unrelated technologies, and successfully applied for a marketing and financial success."

Chairman of the (governing) Board of a Boston-area Town:

"In 2000 and 2001, Cavas helped us develop a Vision for our Town. This (Vision) is consistently quoted by Town Committees and Boards, and has become indispensable to our planning process. We owe him a great debt."

President of a leading Publishing company whose products are used by millions of US school children:

"Cavas is a master of his trade; he helped us transform ourselves from a sleepy Division of a major Fortune company, into a leader in its field. His experience and ability to gain consensus within a divergent group of people and ideas, is pure genius."

Founder/Board Chairman of a company formed to research the creative process and apply its insights in a business context -author of a seminal book on the practice of creativity:

"Almost every new understanding of the creative process that I discuss here contains a measure of his thinking. Often he was the first to see an emerging pattern that we could elaborate and experiment with."

SVP of an active recreation company

"Over the years, we have used Cavas with our senior executives, for his ability to stimulate creative thought on such issues as strategic planning, brand equity, new product development and marketing. In our estimation, Cavas has no peer in this area."

EVP Strategy, Major US regional bank:

"Cavas helped deliver significant value on a major new initiative.His unique and comprehensive approach to planning gave us a powerful tool to sharpen our focus and motivate our people.
He forged common commitment to the vision and significant action steps needed to make it happen. A great success."

Consultants to the mayors of East and West Berlin, immediately prior to reunification:

"We brought to the world-famous Bauhaus in Dessau, well-known planners, architects, civil servants, and journalists form East and West, from Sweden and Spain, Italy and Belgium, Japan and the USA, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia - formulated proposals for the further development of the City and its relation to the newly opened region.The results of these seminars have become in many instances, the planning base for the City's future. Cavas conducted most of the sessions, fostering a positive and creative spirit. His techniques are simple and forthright. Without his help we would have neither come as far, or as fast as we did."

President of the leading US Marketing Services Company:

"Cavas was a member of our "family", and greatly increased the odds of producing a game-changing Strategy that our Clients could own and implement."
"His greatest contribution was leading a Vision/Change Management process where I myself was the Client and we had to reinvent ourselves in light of changing market conditions. The net result of this project was a Customer endorsed point of difference that leveraged our core competency, and allowed us to regenerate double digit growth, leading to the successful sale of the business for a substantial premium relative to the market."

Senior VP Strategy and Corporate Officer for a major consumer products company with one of the best known brand names in the US:

"I have worked with Cavas for over 20 years for a number of companies. His techniques helped us develop an inspirational vision that changed the focus of the organization and broadened its competitive frame."
"He helped us re-conceptualize a Division's products that were ‘after-thoughts’, into the central focus of the company's product line."
"With his help, we turned around a business that the Company wanted to sell, and made it a growth engine."

Head of a preeminent non-profit voluntary movement dedicated to ensuring good governance in a city of more than 10,000,000 citizens…previously the country-head of a world-wide advertising agency and a senior figure in the Latin American operations of a United Nations agency:

"***" comes into its own at at Election time, when it seeks to rally citizen numbers that politicians will take seriously. His presence has made a crucial difference to the productivity of, and commitments to action at, meetings called to plan and mobilize. We have been able to place before decision-makers well considered Citizen Charters backed by numerous clusters of citizens, something that would not have been possible without the agency of Cavas. We have been helped at crucial times to think and implement strategies that would not have germinated without his leadership and handling. They have made important differences to citizen participation in the way the city is run.

the hunting grounds of highly organized corporates, his lot here has been the modified chaos of the volunteer world. He has shown that his thinking and techniques have a wide and robust bandwidth. We have reached conclusion and closure on workable decisions where, before him, there was only a profusion of amiable intentions.

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