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"Mr. Gobhai conducts a discussion like an orchestra leader, keeping the flow of conversation steady and eliciting contributions from those who might not otherwise be heard."

The Sunday New York Times  Business Section

"The problem starts at the birth of a new idea. Like a baby, it is likely to look a bit peculiar. 'Big ideas don't get built incrementally,' says Cavas Gobhai, an inventor, entrepreneur and consultant in creativity for clients like Drexel, Coca-Cola Company, and General Motors Corporation:
'You back into big good ideas from big bad ideas'."

The Wall Street Journal

"Gobhai sees himself advising at the intersection of four ways of thought: creative thought, collaborative thought, strategic thought and fact-based thought. And his primary concern is to rein in adversarial attitudes and promote collaborative ones."
(Cavas is) most emphatic that consensus should emerge 'through creativity, not compromise.' This is especially useful in situations with a political bias where normally consensus is the end result of much give and take.
But a third position may give both erstwhile adversaries 'more than they initially wanted,' remarks Gobhai."

"Creating Creativity", Parsiana

Gobhai's groups are reminiscent of the sixties' encounter or T-groups about a dozen people participate in intense, almost unbroken morning-to-night sessions held in a hotel suite and usually lasting for two or three days. There are no telephone calls, no intrusions from the outside world. And there are rules for the interaction. Gobhai is enforcer and leader. One of Gobhai's key premises is that most great ideas are, as he says, 'born bad' - by which he means that one is more likely to make one's way to the great idea from the seemingly crazy or outrageous than from the cautious and sensible."


Berlin mayors had assembled an international task force to help forge a vision for the new Berlin. Finally, they called Cavas to do facilitation magic. There was one moment when someone saw through The Facilitator - to the real job he did - described him as hebamme, which in German, means midwife."
"Cavas concerns himself with the process of breaking new ground (and in being) an air traffic controller, helping flying ideas land safely.
'As a facilitator, I must make it easy for them to play creating the right environment for breakthrough thinking' a succession of unexpected starting points come up with impossible, paradoxical, logic-bending wishes that would be perfect solutions."

Perspectives - The Independent Journal of Politics and Business

"Almost every new understanding of the creative process that I discuss here contains a measure of his thinking.often he was the first to see an emerging pattern that we could elaborate and experiment with."


George Prince, Chairman of Synectics, Inc.

"The key to a successful mission statement is that there has to be a persuasive linkage between the two elements;
you have to link up the fancy terms - the actual statement of direction, with observable, day-to-day decisions and actions.

"If somebody asks an employee what the mission is, he or she shouldn't have to hand over a fat, three-ring binder and say, 'Read this and figure it out.' Everyone ought to be able to say what If a statement is well done, it speaks to the heart as well as the head."

The Ragan Report



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