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Strategy x Innovation for Senior Management Teams

Cavas Gobhai is a business consultant specializing in group process. He is called in when senior management perceives the need for creative, collaborative, strategic thinking, tangible results and a high commitment to implementation.

Over a thirty-plus year career, he has worked primarily with large U.S. and international companies on a variety of assignments ranging from enterprise-wide Vision/Strategy related, to targeted, high-impact and high-creativity (tasks).

Additionally, within the Private Sector, he has worked with teams in early stage (Angel, VC-funded) or later, high-flux and/or PE-funded ventures.

Outside the Private Sector:

  • Towns and Educational Institutions in the greater Boston area
  • High leverage international tasks - e.g. facilitating a project sponsored by the mayors of East and West Berlin, immediately preceding Re-unification, focused on starting a public dialog on the future of the inner City.
  • International NGO's (non-governmental organizations), such as Conservation-oriented or concerned with watch-dogging/partnering with local Government institutions).
  • Assignments for NASA and the Atomic Energy Commission.

Cavas' s background includes:

  • Formal education in technology and business: SB and SM from MIT; Jr. BSc. from Bombay University and a Diploma from the Institute for Management Science in Delft, the Netherlands.
  • Past President and key entrepreneur of Synectics, Inc.; instrumental in the development and application of several of the creative problem-solving techniques known as Synectics techniques.
  • Founder/President of a (hardware and instructional) product development company, which undertook assignments leading to new product prototypes for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Participant in the start-up and growth of innovation-based business ventures, funded with several million dollars of venture capital.
  • Educator in the fields of creativity and collaboration: has trained and/or lectured to several thousand members of middle- and upper-management from large U.S. and international companies.
  • Holder of patents in a variety of fields.

Cavas' s recent broader/media presence includes:

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